Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Last week the New York Racing And Wagering Board removed Ernie Paragallo from horse racing and yesterday the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission took its’ first positive step toward doing the same with Rick Dutrow.  No doubt he will fully exhaust his administrative remedies before the commission and then proceed to the requisite court.  Rick Dutrow’s past performances tell me he will not prevail at any level of the apellate process.

I predict he will now make an effort to effect transfer of some of his owners’ horses to a collaborating confidant with a trainer’s license.  Hopefully the stewards having jurisdiction where this attempt takes place will insist on hearing from each individual owner as to their requests (not Dutrow’s) for transfer of their horses to another trainer of their choice.  I have been a sitting member of the Board of Stewards in several instances where fraudulent transfers were attempted under these same circumstances and I know the depths to which suspended and unlicensed trainers will stoop.   Don’t forget that circumventing the rules and other forms of deceit have been characteristic of this man in the past.  Facing the probability of losing considerable income and possibly having to move his base of operations to Ocala (or an equivalent location) where he can commiserate with others of his same stripe, I would not be surprised at any act of desperation he might attempt.   Desperation deserves close observation.  I must add that there are some very fine people engaging in horse racing activities in Ocala along with a number of “ruled off” persons.

I can not finish here without commending the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission on a job well done.

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