Follow Up On Fact Or Perception

My post on Friday January 6, of this year included a promise to give my own personal answers to the five questions which were put before readers of that post.  Here they are.

Do you believe that:

(1)  performance enhancing drugs are being administered to horses that the testing labs are not finding?

That is of course a possibility, however I am unaware of any evidence that would enable me to develop a yes or no answer.

(2)  laboratories are detecting performance enhancing drugs and reporting their findings to boards of stewards that are failing to impose just penalties?

Yes I do!  It is my personal opinion that too many boards of s

tewards have issued an excessive number of  rulings that were not severe enough to stem the tide of this problem.  As long as that continues, so will the drug problems.  The Archives of Racing Commissioners International support this opinion.

(3)   racing commissions when hearing appeals from stewards’ rulings are unjustly reducing or modifying proper penalties imposed by the stewards’?

Yes I do.  The incidents are infrequent, however, that should never take place.  Both my first hand knowledge and the Archives of Racing Commissioners International there is ample information to support my claim.

(4)  the Courts are striking down or modifying adjudications made by racing commissions in drug related cases?

No I do not.  I ask anyone who believes otherwise to please cite a recent case.

(5)  certain people are making large amounts of  money as a result of “Drugged” horses?  If yours is a yes answer, please cite for me  the name of one horse, the date and the race track where the incident took place.  Is your belief based on perception or fact?

I am unaware of any evidence that would enable me to develop a yes or no answer.

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