Maryland My Maryland

The Maryland stewards found Dr. Delp to be in violation of Maryland Medication Administration Rule(s).  Specifically that he treated a horse for trainer Rick Dutrow with Lasix after the four hour to post time limitation stated in the rule.  Dr. Delp and trainer Rick Dutrow agreed that the administration took place inside of two hours to post.  The stewards adjudication of this incident was to assess a fine of one thousand dollars against Dr. Delp. and a five hundred dollar fine against Rick Dutrow.  Case closed.  The fact that there are stewards working in this industry who feel that one thousand dollar fines are going to effect the future behavior of Dr. Delp or any other veterinarian are seriously out of touch with reality.  The commission that approved them to make decisions like this, failed to properly evaluate them before granting approval.  I would be pleased to know that the Maryland commissioners are at least embarassed over this.  Thousand dollar fines for willful violations of rules, such as this incident, are the type of penalty that reinforce the thinking of those who would willfully break the rules, that they have little or nothing to fear from most Boards of Stewards.  It will be interesting to see whether or not the Maryland Commission will approve of this ruling or take the stewards to task on this one.  Surely the commission members can see that these lenient sanctions are not only going to fail in mitigating the flow of similar incidents, they will encourage others to do the same.  Here we have more reinforcement for my previous suggestions that racing commissions need to change their approach to approving stewards.  Determine how these people think.  Do they use reason and logic, do they appear to be free of improper influences?  I could go on and on with the questions, but if commission members in Maryland or elsewhere should decide to improve the workings of stewards stands within their jurisdictions there are simple solutions to the problem.

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  1. I commend you for your attention to regulation, and scrutiny of the Stewards and Racing Commissions who are failing to protect the welfare of the wagering public. These recent colossal gaps in regulation are contributing to the negative public image that the horse racing industry is now becoming accustomed to.

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