Which Is The Greatest Motivator, Fear Or Greed?

What are your feelings?  Having seen each of these character flaws in abundance, I believe that fear is the winner by a head.  Occasionally they come in the form of a dead heat.  Since too many people do not mean what they say and do not say what they mean, one can only develop an informed decision derived from the actions of such people.

Based upon what premise do jockeys fight for the right to inflict pain on the horses that they are so privileged to ride?  Based upon what premise do (so called) trainers fight for the right to run horses on pain masking medications?  Does this say anything to you about the core of character of these persons?  It should!  Think about it for a moment.  These efforts by these two fractional groups are greasing the already slippery slope to doom.  Beware launch day.

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