Horse racing stewards and racing commissioners carry a heavy load of responsibility.  Possibly more than some of them realize.  All three of my readers are aware of my criticism of these people when I think it is deserved, how about some well earned praise?  Yes, I know how to do that.  The Arizona Department Of Racing’s Director, Bill Walsh, distinguished himself in his orders on or about January 12, 2012  upholding rulings by the stewards and immediately revoking the licenses of Mr. Marquez-Cardena and Mr. Ruiz-Vasquez.  Granted he was dealing with Class 1 and Class 2 drugs, but his understanding of the depth of these type violations comes through to me in comments he has made.  The stewards in this case and the commissioners who supported the orders of Mr. Walsh upon appeal did some good work.   I hereby nominate Bill Walsh and Roger Goodell to my Regulators’ Hall Of Fame.  Sorry to say that the body of work of stewards and commissioners is seriously lacking.  Sorry Mr. Goodell for the reclassification of your position.  It serves a good purpose here.

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