Don’t Ask Me To Think

Certain groups and individuals within the industry have been offering “inconsistencies between state laws and regulations” as a reason for some positive tests being returned and thus increasing the intensity and number of complaints by those who feel that horse racings’ “drug problem” is out of control. Which it is!  If only the regulators would give us one set of rules to deal with, some of these problems would disappear.  What do these requests say to you about those asking for such a change?  Anything at all?  “Oh, I forgot where I am and that the allowable threshhold for bute is lower here in Whereveriam than it is in New Mexico.  Certainly a Board Of Stewards would understand that I don’t know where I am and give me a pass on this.  Certainly nothing stronger than a warning”.

Trainers who can not handle more than one set of rules shouldn’t have a license to train horses.  Have these same trainers in, say Pennsylvania, petioned to have the speed limits in Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland brought into alignment with those of Pennsylvania?  Are they doing the same for breathalyzer thresholds in these states or do they want Federal Regulation to provide a blanket reading for all fifty states?  Please don’t ask me to think.  What kind of logic dictates that millions of people should adjust to the needs of thousands in circumstances such as these?  Again, I say those who are unable to comprehend more than one rule book and unable to determine which State they are racing their horses in should not be licensed as Trainers.

In summing up, I must say that this cry for uniformity in rules is hollow.

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