Meeting In Pennsylvania

It is apparent that the many Boards Of Stewards and Racing Commissions which are in place to regulate Thoroughbred Horse Racing have had ample time to clean up their acts and failed to do so.  Because stewards and racing commissioners did not and do not, in most cases, have the necessary intestinal fortitude to properly regulate their licensees, they could face having those decisions made for them and rammed down their throats via Federal Statute.  Why this liberal attitude toward punishing those who violate the rules?  Is there a purpose served by wrist slapping that I am unaware of?  Someone PLEASE enlighten me.  I am well aware of the results of this loose and sloppy method of regulation and one of them takes place in Unionville, PA at 9:30 on Monday morning.  Stewards and commissioners, remember this,  if the proposed bill becomes law it will be because you, as a group, failed to live up to your responsibilities.

More about the Monday meeting in Unionville.  Ray Paulick believes the deck is stacked with witnesses favoring the proposed Bill.  I agree with him.  Why isn’t the pro lasix camp being invited to this forum?  Will they be recognized and heard from the floor?  I personally am against raceday medication as of this posting, but my mind is still open.  I do not want those in favor of it to be silenced.  I want to hear their best experts state their positions and their reasons for taking such positions.  I also want to hear the same from the No Race Day Medication group.  I would really like to see a debate involving three or four principal experts from each position under the control of  a neutral moderator.  Put your position out there, support it with science and let it become a matter of record.

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