The official Notice Of Hearing relating to Monday’s Subcommittee On Health hearing at Unionville High School in Kennett Square, PA is very clear in stating “Witnesses will be announced and are by invitation only”  This condition presents a perfect script for taking only favorable testimony from previously selected (and screened) witnesses and then selecting certain sound bites and presenting them later as fact.  A typical government action taken in matters that should, in reality, be a search for truth.  Truth, along with honor and integrity are being removed from our American Culture.  The closer one gets to The Beltway, the faster the rate of decline increases.

I have not reached a final conclusion on race day Lasix, but I am leaning toward no race day medication.  With that in mind I still do not want the Pro Lasix supporters silenced.  The industry screams for a resolution to this problem but it should only come from science and not emotion or self serving individuals.  The conditions placed on Monday’s hearing are a clear indication that government will not support such a resolution.  For those advocates of Federal Regulation of Horse Racing, you will not realize what has happened until it is too late.

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