I Can’t Hurt Anyone’s Feelings!

The Paulick Report of this morning contains a copy of a letter from James L. Gagliano, President of The Jockey Club.  Mr. Gagliano believes that some reform in medication rules would enhance the integrity of the sport.  Mr. Gagliano’s words, carefully chosen to comply with political correctness, dance all around the crux of the issue of medication violations.  I have no respect whatsoever for political correctness or any other form of not meaning what you say and not saying what you mean.  The medication problems that exist in the industry at present have their roots in the gross negligence demonstrated by stewards’ decisions and the subsequent reviews,or lack thereof, on the part of racing commissions.  Effective regulation by stewards and racing commissions would have put a stop to this activity years ago.

Funding for better testing would be great, but if the labs find it and the clowns appointed to deal with those findings are incompetent, no amount of funding for testing purposes is going to help the problem.  It must be attacked at its’ roots.  Will someone out there please oblige me with an argument against my position?

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