More Of The Same

When are you guys and gals going to get it?  Adjudications such as this are part of the problem.  More slapping of the wrists.  The business has already lost a considerable amount of credibility and rulings like this will simply add to that loss.  I think that your Board of Stewards and most others in the industry need some courses in behavior modification.  That is what stewards rulings are supposed to accomplish, behavior modification of those who need it.  I don’t believe that subject is part of the curriculum  at the University Of Louisville or the University Of Arizona.  Here is a hint:

Deterrence (prevention) From Wikipedia “One reason given to justify punishment[7] is that it is a measure to prevent people from committing an offence – deterring previous offenders from re-offending, and preventing those who may be contemplating an offence they have not committed from actually committing it. This punishment is intended to be sufficient that people would choose not to commit the crime rather than experience the punishment. The aim is to deter everyone in the community from committing offences.”

I sometimes think that stewards, when trying to arrive at an appropriate penalty, give too much consideration to uniformity and consistency with the past.  I am telling you that the rulings of the past are a large part of what is wrong today.  Have the courage to speak out for what you truly believe and dissent from the majority ruling if you must.  The chief steward concept, which you have in Kentucky, shuts down independent thinking on the part of the other two stewards.

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