As You Sow, You Shall Reap

I am not certain when the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission adopted the malignant policy of having a Chief Steward on the board, but whenever it was, that was the day the Kentucky commission planted the seed that later became “The Life At Ten Incident”.  The day that the commission hired JohnVeitch and placed him in the powerful position of Chief Steward, they also created a monster, which nourished the aforementioned seed until maturity on Breeders’ Cup day in November of 2010.  I believe that the commission erred seriously when they adopted the Chief Steward concept.  It is an insult to the majority members of the board.  ie “My fellow stewards, the commission does not care what you ladies or gentlemen think about this issue, I am the Chief Steward and MY decision will be the decision of this board“.  I believe the commission compounded that error when hiring JohnVeitch to fill the position.  I also believe that the “Life At Ten Incident” was probably just the straw that broke the camel’s back with regard to JohnVeitch and the commission.  I believe the commission did the proper thing when they fired Veitch and that opinion is shared by Judge Wingate of the Franklin County Circuit Court in Kentucky.  The commission made two bad decisions and only one good one.  They need to do much better.  The commission created and enabled their monster and it now appears they have driven the proverbial wooden stake.

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