Please, Not The Feds.

While reading a comment in yesterday’s Paulick Report, again someone claimed that this industry would be better served under federal regulation.  I am one of those who believes that there would be no benefit to having federal oversight of this industry. In fact it would be detrimental to add the disease of federal bureaucracy to replace the state bureaucracy  already in place. Does anyone think those people would be somehow different because their paychecks come from the federal government ? The primary problem here is that stewards and racing commissioners are, for the most part, people who do not have the intestinal fortitude to say NO! Their past performances demonstrate that fact. Most stewards and racing commissioners remind me of an obnoxious child’s parents in a department store with the child running around screaming and telling the parents that he or she hates them for not buying a toy that was asked for.  That is obnoxious behavior and if the parents do anything at all, it will not be corrective. They will simply try to appease the child. That type of regulation by stewards and commissioners is the reason things are what they are today. Without sweeping changes in the qualifications of stewards and commissioners these problems are here to stay. The regulators are definitely not in control of things. I read a proposal from RCI suggesting that penalties imposed for medication violators should be stronger than they are at present. That is a positive thought, however I personally don’t think they are forbidding enough. And remember, RCI is commissioners and they will have to approve the new policies before they can become rules. If they did nothing to add strength to said penalties of their own volition why should they do so now under the guise of RCI? Human nature is strange and very complex.

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