The source of a very serious problem has been identified.  Please allow me to explain the why and wherefore leading to this identification. I would like to cast some light on a few critical facts reflecting on the subject of regulation of horse racing and why it functions as it does instead of as it should.  For the benefit of those who may not be aware of the sequence of events followed in the quasi judicial system that is in place to deal with rule violators, I offer the following, hopefully enlightening, information.  The governor of each state where parimutuel wagering on horse races has been enabled by state legislation, appoints the appropriate number of commissioners in accordance with the enabling legislation.   Having been appointed, the commission members proceed to appoint stewards and cast votes on other matters. This is done with the administrative support of an executive secretary and staff. Having been appointed, the stewards at each meet within the state can proceed with the responsibilities of every day regulation of matters related to activities at the particular track where they have been assigned.  In those cases where a steward is employed  by the association operating the racetrack, he or she must still be approved by the commission as must all racing officials.  When someone is alleged to have violated a rule, a report of the alleged act or omission and detail pertaining to such event is filed with the stewards.  If the stewards decide that the report states reasonable cause to proceed in the matter, they will schedule a hearing and notify all concerned parties of the time and place of the hearing.  Following the hearing if the adjudication of the stewards is deemed by the subject to be improper or errant, that person can appeal said decision to the racing commission.                                             Appeals from adjudications of the racing commission must be filed with the appropriate court of law.  Having explained how cases come before the stewards and could continue on to the racing commission and eventually to a court of law, I find it exceedingly difficult to see how anyone can place blame for deficient regulation with any forum other than stewards and/or racing commissioners.  There have been too many bad tests, including some with findings of drugs that qualify as a felony offense when used in a horse that competed in a race.  Adding to that there have been a number of trainers who had multiple cases of this nature.  Stewards have the means and a responsibility to stop this activity, but in too many cases they failed to do so.  The penalties imposed by too many boards of stewards and racing commissioners have not been strong enough to properly punish the violators and deter others.  Now the industry is out of control.  In too many cases, racing commissioners followed suit of the stewards.  They too had the means and the responsibility to control the situation and failed to do so.  I would appreciate hearing from anyone who feels that blame for this deficient regulation should be placed elsewhere.  Please, a few facts to support your contention.


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