Incompetents Enjoying Impunity

In yesterday’s New York Times, Joe Drape addressed the problems created by illegal medications in horseracing and I believe he was right on with his comments.   He did not, however, offer a solution to the problem, so I will.  The answer lies within a very simple procedure which has been in place for quite some time.  You do the crime, you do the time. Some of today’s trainers operate within the frame of  mind that they will use any means at their disposal to achieve their chosen goal with no consideration given to horses, riders, the wagering public or any other facet of the industry.  In my estimation, they are the TERRORISTS of horse racing and should be treated as such.  The Law and the Rules Of Racing address this situation as they have for a hundred years.  The glitch is that many of those who administer the laws and rules, racing commissioners and stewards, are unable to bring themselves to punish certain violators in a manner befitting the violation.  People like these trainers have no respect for anything and can not be counseled or taught effectively. But like all humans they do respond to pain and suffering.  That pain and suffering should come in the form of stewards’ rulings that take them out of the business for an appropriate period of time and are upheld by commissions on appeal.   A trainer friend of mine suggested sending them to Guantanamo.  Personnel changes must be made to effect what I have stated above.  A majority of stewards have done such a poor job that they are now (or after the first of the year) required to find punishment in the rule book.  Too many different mindsets on regulation causing inconsistencies in punishment.  A result of no central authority.  I truly hope that justice from the rule book will turn this around.  We will have our first indication in about sixty days.

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2 Responses to Incompetents Enjoying Impunity

  1. Elaine Little says:

    Awesome as usual!


  2. Angela Leech says:

    Yes, “do the crime, do the time!” I am sick and tired of seeing trainers [even here in my home state of Texas where we are so “tough on crime”] who have sanctions in another state getting stalls and entering horses. I’m sorry but if you have the reprehensable “guilty of a dermorphin positive” in LA, OK, NM, TX or ANYWHERE else, you do NOT belong anywhere NEAR a racetrack much less a horse.

    The rule books have been written for hundreds of years. I would say the vast majority of us follow the rules. That minority that flaunt their disdain for the rules or fail to dole out appropriat sanctions against those guuilty parties, need to have their feet held to the fire and forced to comply or get the hell out. The time of days & fines need to come back in order for horseracing to again be trusted and honored like the days of yonder.

    When a person takes out a Commission license, they are agreeing to follow the rules. They should NOT be able to go to a local Court and appeal ANYTHING!

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