IS H.R. 2012 A Toothless Tiger?

It certainly could be. History has proven that no plan of attack is any stronger than its weakest link. Stakeholders in horse racing are seeking a means to prevent specific behavior on the part of certain individuals and has a quasi judicial system in place to do just that. Now comes a cry for federal legislation. Why, because state regulation has failed? Many people think so, myself included. What are the specifics of this gigantic failure? A large percentage of racing commissioners and stewards, by virtue 0f their acts and omissions, have failed to regulate the industry in a fair,  judicious and effective manner. Many people being unaware of this fact and desperate for an answer, have turned to the federal government in hopes of resolution. Had appropriate state regulation been administered these problems  would never have become problems. The requests for federal intervention have now borne some fruit in the form of H.R. 2012 which could provide some convincing answers. Now, here comes the glitch! Should this bill become law, it will be entrusted to many of the very same people who failed at properly administering state law. That makes no sense!

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One Response to IS H.R. 2012 A Toothless Tiger?

  1. Angela Leech says:

    Leaving the very same people and agencies in charge of implementing any of these changes by Congress is indeed a toothless tiger. The States have already proven beyond all reasonable doubt they will not even follow their own rules and regulations. Will the USADA be able to go over the States’ head or will their hands be tied too? The whole thing just makes me sick! Where do we even start to clean up this mess? Should I even be pushing my incompetent Congressman to support this Bill if it’s going to leave the same idiots in charge?

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