Acts And Omissions Of Certain Decision Makers Have Caused All Of This

I am convinced that anyone who does not believe this title is delusional and I would greatly appreciate hearing a rebuttal from anyone so inclined. Horse racing is up to its eyes in despair and too many racing commissioners and stewards expect to continue with business as usual. It is about time I include executive secretaries in this group also, because many of them have considerable influence. I hereby offer a solution that will be met with disdain and denial by sixty eight per cent of business executives, politicians and racing regulators. Before offering a decision on any matter, I submit that each decision maker, from the judges in our court system  on down to the meter maid in Podunk, should ask themselves before casting their vote, “Will my vote be in the best interests of most of the people affected by this decision?”  Short and simple as are most solutions, but not all. Needless to say, It is assumed that the decision maker is a person of integrity and has enough knowledge of the facts of the issue at hand to make an informed decision. If not, they should seek expert advice before voting. All right, enough for wishful thinking and back to reality. Is anyone aware of a Lasix study being done by independent scientists of integrity and fair play? Is there a better source of information for getting to the truth about Lasix and its effect on the race horse? That is the answer being sought after by stakeholders of the industry, is it not? We have heard a tome of opinions from the non-experts, does anyone wish to hear a collective opinion deserving of respect?

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One Response to Acts And Omissions Of Certain Decision Makers Have Caused All Of This

  1. Angela Leech says:

    “Will my vote be in the best interests of most of the people affected by this decision?” That’s asking an awful lot from our decision makers in racing. They only care about themselves, their friends and the dollar. I would be willing to bet most Racing Commissioners don’t know which end of the horse eats much less have any idea about what happens on the backside! Most of them probably haven’t even READ their State’s Racing Act. Pitiful…

    I am not aware of any independent studies being done on Lasix. And that is the ONLY way to get honest information. [I think it could be an excellent study for a couple of Vet students to undertake. They would have no vested interest either way.] I know from personal experience what Lasix does to young horses up to old campaigners and it ain’t good. [My grandmother died from prolonged use of Lasix.] I personally don’t think the benefits outweigh the ultimate consequences. But that’s just me and I believe in using TIME and actually TRAINING a horse.

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