Where Are The Unbiased With Expertise In This Industry?

I enjoyed Ray’s article on http://www.paulickreport.com re: Investigational Reporting. Investigative reporting is definitely beneficial to horse racing.  Even when it contains half truths and ridiculous allegations it is focusing attention on a subject that needs a great deal of attention, preferably in the form of investigations conducted by unbiased people with considerable knowledge of the industry.  Many investigations take place within horse racing as well as federal and state government, but how many of the investigators and decision makers are genuinely unbiased and have some form of relative expertise?  Damn few and they usually get outvoted.  Without proper and necessary changes, there will be no change in the depth or number of violations.  One badly needed change in transparency is a record of how each steward and racing commissioner vote on issues that come before them.  That information will separate the straw from the chaff.  That is step one of a schedule of proposed solutions I have crafted for the many problems plaguing the industry today.

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One Response to Where Are The Unbiased With Expertise In This Industry?

  1. Angela Leech says:

    I think you meant the “wheat from the chaff” at least that’s what we say in my neck of the mesquite forrest. In any case, once again, I can’t find anything in your blog that’s not on the money. Unfortunatley, I don’t think there are any “unbiased experts” in this business. At least not at the decision making level. What we need are hardboots, such as yourself, leading us. The old time hardboots are the ones with the knowledge that is so desperately needed. Today, we just have paid mouthpieces who don’t no shit from shinolah about the racing industry. I read Kentucky is the latest State to adopt uniform medication guidelines. As I suspected, a lot of jurisdictions are going to adopt these standards to ward of the government oversight. Too little, too late as far as I’m concerned. It’ll just be more of the same old buddy system. We as an industry are broken and nobody in a position of power seems to care. Absolutely pitiful…

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