Will 2014 Bring Improvement?

The page has turned to 2014 and horse racing has entered a new chapter.  What will we see in this new chapter, more of the same old business as usual or is it realistic to expect positive change?  Bold decisions must be made to effect change and most of the present group of decision makers have records of very poor past performance.  Absent appropriate change, business as usual becomes the three to five favorite for 2014 activity in the industry.  Why, because governors will continue to appoint racing commissioners and their executive secretaries and those people will determine, in their wisdom, who will work as stewards and who will not.  This practice, much like communism, has proven itself to be a failure many times over.  Where are the bold leaders so badly needed to change all of this?  If you look closely you will see that men and women of expertise in the industry who are also totally unbiased are usually not among those appointed to racing commissions.  Do you ever wonder why?  The appointees who do not meet those qualifications are then left to decide, along with their governor approved executive secretaries, who will be stewards and who will not.  A subject they know very little or nothing about.  Can you see the potential for miscarriage of justice under this policy?  As I said earlier, business as usual is the three to five favorite to prevail on this issue but I am rooting for a longshot.

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