Considerations Other Than The Dollar?

It is said that “The Dollar Rules.”  Unfortunately, that statement is true in most cases.  Not, however,  in the case of Jeff Gural who operates The Meadowlands in New Jersey and two other harness racing tracks in New York.  Mr. Gural has decided that trainers who encounter certain positive tests will cease to do business at his venues, despite any actions by the courts or racing commissions.  There is a man after my own heart!  He appears to choose to spend some of those almighty dollars to reassure those who wager at his race tracks that they can do so in an environment of integrity.  It certainly seems that this man has raised the bar for other race track operators and I am anxious to see how many of his peers follow this fine example.  Of course, there is the possibility that many of them can not demonstrate the same level of courage.

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One Response to Considerations Other Than The Dollar?

  1. Elaine Little says:

    What refreshing news! How unfortunate that we have so very few of these folks with the integrity and fortitude to do the right thing.

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