More Incompetence From California Regulators!

Has anyone read Ray Paulick’s report on a trainer in California being assessed a fine of twenty-five hundred dollars for his fifth violation of the bute threshold rule?  Below is a summary along with my comments.

Where is the outrage? With the semi-approval of California stewards and the racing board Mr. Pender has already demonstrated his disdain for the rule book on four different occasions in 2013. Now comes Pender again with yet another bute overage and the Santa Anita stewards fine him twenty five hundred dollars and threaten to suspend him for a full week if it happens again. A full week, wow! How do people who think in this fashion find themselves in the stewards’ stand in California and other jurisdictions? I will tell you how! Too many board members and commissioners along with their executive secretaries have an extreme lack of knowledge of what type of person it takes to be a good steward. They don’t even ask the pertinent questions when they hire or approve these people. They appoint and approve those men and women who think that twenty five hundred dollar fines and threats of a full week suspension will curb or discontinue excessive bute treatments. What does that tell you? It tells me that neither the racing board nor the stewards know what the hell they are doing. This man defies the stewards on five different occassions and he gets another slap on the wrist. This is exactly the kind of regulation that accounts for a very large part of the loss of faith on the part of those who wager on horse racing. Remember them, the life blood of the industry? This ruling and everything about it reeks of incompetence. These people live in a dream world

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One Response to More Incompetence From California Regulators!

  1. Angela Leech says:

    5 time Bute overages over an entire career I can buy. 5 times in 14 months is blatent disregard for the rules. Pender should be set down for a while to think about it. Hell, I’d give him 6 months and make him write a (5) 10,000 word essays on a.) medication regulations, b.) why it’s imperative that everyone follow the rules, c,) side effects on Bute and other NSAIDS, d.) how is actions effect racing as a whole and e.) potential effects HIS actions have on the people who ride HIS horses. I would also require him to write a disertation on AFTER care HIS horses are going to require if they are lucky enough to go on to a second career. *Topics subject to change based on content of papers turned in* But that’s just me.

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