The Potential Proof Is Now Present

Recently, Quarter horse trainer John Stinebaugh was fined forty thousand dollars and suspended for sixteen years in New Mexico for findings of Viagra in samples taken from horses in his care last year.  The New Mexico commission under the leadership of Executive Secretary Vince Mares has recently changed attitudes and procedures with regard to non permissive drugs found in horses racing in New Mexico and for this I applaud them. Suspensions of that nature will, without a doubt, cause severe restraint on those considering using illegal drugs in order to collect a purse or win a bet.  Some (Trainers) will say that sixteen years is excessive for this particular case, however I submit that sanctions of this magnitude or stronger are necessary to achieve effectiveness in reducing these types of violations in todays culture. Having established this new standard, The stewards and commission in New Mexico must now be very cautious in future adjudications to make the punishment equal to the crime in a proper ratio to this new standard of sixteen years for these Viagra tests.  In order to be supported by the courts on appeal they must demonstrate that their adjudications are not only tough, but also fair and consistent.  Anyone care to keep a scorecard on medication violations in New Mexico during 2014 and thereafter?  I see no reason why every jurisdiction in horse racing should not follow suit here as well as exercising their private property rights during periods of stay handed down by the courts.

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One Response to The Potential Proof Is Now Present

  1. Angela Leech says:

    I’ve been over the moon with all of the changes the NMRC has made the past couple of years and I’m glad to see them going after everyone equally. I am particularly happy to see owners being held accountable. I’m also very glad to see the NM legislature taking on the racing problems. I think NM should be a model other jurisdictions strive for. I know I’d be elated if TxRC adopted the NM changes.

    I *think* based on recent NMRC rulings, they are going to stay the course. Now that the Stewards have teeth and the NMRC has their back and the legislature has passed several bills backing racetrack owners, I have to believe New Mexico is serious about making changes. How many other States have made such bold moves? Because New Mexico has made these changes, we are going back in the racehorse business. At least there’s 1 place we can run where there is less chance for having to run against drugged horses.

    I do not know Stinebaugh personally but I’ve been stabled next to him, worked for his vet and have had several of his former emplyees work for me. His 16 year suspension and $40K fine re-affirm my belief in Karma. It is going to take suspensions and fines such as these to get the cheaters’ attention. I believe they’re off to a great start, owners and trainers are minding their P’s & Q’s. I’ll volunteer to keep score of medicationn violations this year in New Mexico.

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