Reviewing Crist

Steven Crist, in writing for the Daily Racing Form on March 1st of this year, claims that standards for the stewards need reviewing and I agree with him in part.  I believe the bettors deserve a detailed explanation by one of the stewards on in house video explaining and justifying any disqualification.  That type of accountability should be accompanied by a long step toward transparency which makes the vote of each steward public knowledge.  I also believe that this same procedure should be applied to racing commissioners and the decisions that they make.  All stakeholders have a right to know how the decision makers voted on any given issue.

Mr. Crist’s remark that stewards should not continue to be unseen and unaccountable is totally off base.  Of what possible value to anyone could ‘‘seeing” the stewards be?  To say that they are unaccountable is absolutely incorrect because it is a matter of rule that the stewards are accountable to the racing commissioners.  He is right about disqualification not being used as a tool to discourage reckless or otherwise improper riding.  Any steward signing such a ruling should be removed immediately.

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