I’m Sick Of Hearing It

I have really had enough of this clamoring for model rules. Granted they would be a convenience but if the regulators remain the same, nothing will change. The cause of the problem is simple. The regulators do not regulate. The tail is wagging the dog. You can adopt rules that say absolutely anything you wish, but if stewards and racing commissioners do not impose meaningful punishment on violators all is in vain. For those of you who just don’t get it, the problem is the regulators! They are dealing with a few bandits that have absolutely no respect for the rules or the law and they treat them with kid gloves. Many of these violations deserve months and years, some of them life. It is a disgrace how these people are punished for some of these rule violations. The industry has a dire need for people of a different ilk in regulatory positions and the people who do the placing can not see or do not know of the real source of the problem.

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