More Incompetents With Impunity

According to yesterday’s Paulick Report the Delaware Park Stewards suspended trainer Julio Cartagena for two years for the presence of class one drugs Nikethamide and N-ethylnicotinamide in a sample taken from one of his horses in September of last year. Cartegena has numerous medication violations in various states during the past decade and has about three weeks remaining on an eighteen month suspension imposed in Florida. After a May fifteenth hearing the Delaware Park stewards saw him as someone who, in spite of his background, should only be suspended for two years for a class one drug offense. This is a good example of why this industry is loosing the wagering public and a number of owners and trainers who want to work within the rules. The three stewards who signed that ruling are unfit to hold the position and are helping drive the entire industry deeper into chaos. Oh yes, the Delaware commission also fined Mr. Cartagena twenty five hundred dollars. Another slap on the wrist. The governor appoints the commissioners and the commissioners appoint the stewards. Decide for yourself where the blame should be placed.  Also there is a rumor that Delaware Park has given Cartagena stalls despite his ongoing Florida suspension.  Say it isn’t so.

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One Response to More Incompetents With Impunity

  1. Elaine Little says:

    Absolutely unbelievable, again no consequences for breaking the rules. Morons in charge.

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