More Incompetence With Impunity

Racing in this country has many problems but simply put, the drug problem is one created by incompetent regulators who have imposed slap on the wrist punishments upon trainers who should have been given years and not days. This applies equally to stewards as well as racing commissioners since rulings from both of these forums contain absolutely no deterrent. For those of you who don’t get it, that means the punishments were not equal to the crimes. Part of the reason for that is unqualified stewards participating in the adjudication of cases where their limited skills do not allow them to fully comprehend the depth of an event where a trainer is being held accountable for the presence of a prohibited substance found in a horse that he or she trains. Tighter regulation on the part of stewards and racing commissioners would have prevented a very large percentage of the egregious incidents that have brought disgrace to the industry.

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