Is It Contagious?

Is there a contagious disease circulating among stewards and racing commissioners that causes them to lose any will power they might have to do what is obviously the right thing?          Could it be that they are demented to such an extent that they actually believe that their adjudications are appropriate i.e. their punishments equal the crimes? What kind of people appoint stewards and racing commissioners who consistently perform their appointed duties in such an egregious manner? Politicians who know nothing about the racing industry and even less about the stewards and racing commissioners they appoint. Now come those clowns in New York with a forty five day suspension and ten thousand dollar fine for trainer Doug O’neill, the suspension to be served at the convenience of Mr. O’Neill. This for a class two drug. O’Neill has a history showing a litany of drug offenses and he is slapped lightly and catered to in terms of when he may serve his time. This is absolutely disgusting behavior by the regulators and it should rightly reflect back to the Governor Of New York because he appointed the members of the gaming commission. The regulation of horse racing in these United States is at an all time low and the culprits enjoy impunity granted by their overseers.

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