About Me

Since the spring of 1948 I have been connected in some fashion to Thoroughbred Horse Racing.  I saw the great Citation get beaten by a horse called Saggy at Havre de Grace, Maryland.  At that time I was a kid walking hots.  Through the years I have also been an exercise rider, a race rider, a trainer and have held positions as a racing official from patrol judge to assistant racing secretary.  My latter years in the industry were spent as a steward where my law and order attitude served me well  and continues to serve me well today.

In addition to my experience as a steward I have written amendments to existing rules, drafted new rules and presented both, with success, to administrative rules committees.  In addition I have represented both boards of stewards and racing commissions, presenting their adjudications being appealed before administrative law judges.  I prevailed in ninety eight per cent of those cases.  On three separate occassions I have fulfilled the responsibilities of temporary executive secretary for two   commissions.

Opinions expressed by me in this blog, as in the rest of my life, are based upon established facts, personal experience and common sense.  If you disagree, send me email and state your case.  I prefer to have it the right way, as opposed to having it my way.


One Response to About Me

  1. Angela Leech says:

    I have followed you on the Paulick Report and seen the link for your blog. Even though i was not specifically invited, I would like to follow your blog. As a person who grew up respecting and fearing Stewards and all other racing regulators, that respect and fear has never left me. I used to be proud to say I owned, bred & trained racehorses. Now, I am almost embarrased to even mention it. I want to see respect, fairness and honorability returned to this great sport and industry I have been a part of my entire life. I very much value your insight, thoughts and ideas. As I mentioned on my PR response to you, if you lead I will follow [I am a most excellent “squeking wheel!]

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